Bicycle Detection Systems

Designed to maximise capacity and monitor usage in cycle stores. Monitors signpost cyclists to available spaces to park their bikes. The data gathered can also determine the most popular parking areas, peak times for parking and collection and how long bicycles have been stored.


Pressure pads

Pressure pads activate when a bicycle is parked in a space. Pads are powered by batteries with a 10 year lifespan to eliminate the requirement for wiring. 


Universal application

Our pressure pads can be retrofitted to any two-tier system, as well as incorporated with the 2ParkUp two-tier rack. 

Bicycle Detection.jpg

User experience

Cyclists have an easier ride finding a space at peak times with real time availability signposting.

Bicycle Parking Data

Real Time Data

Pressure pad usage data is collated in a central system, providing information on space usage, peak times, abandoned bicycles and popular areas.