Bike lockers

Bike lockers are a great anti-theft cycle storage solution, providing a secure environment for cyclists to store their bicycles. 

Lockers are most suitable for long term cycle storage such as residential dwellings, this is due to the access issues with lockers. Most include a key lock, others provide a hasp for a padlock. Take into account what form of lock is provided and whether this will be suited to the intended use. 

For short stay parking consider stands or racks.

Single bike lockers

One of the the most readily available lockers on the market, storing a single bike in a lockable steel compartment. Adaptations include internal steel runners that keep the bike in an upright position and kit hooks or storage for helmets.

Vertical bike lockers

Vertical lockers are a space-saving alternative to conventional single lockers, these position a bike vertically occupying significantly less floorspace. They are often installed for residential developments where space can be limited but security is paramount.  

Double ended bike lockers

In certain layouts these can provide a more cost-effective option to store multiple bikes in a small space. With separate lockable compartments for each bike and individual doors at each end. It occupies slightly more floor space than a single locker, but both ends provide cycle parking.

Shared bike lockers

Some lockers house multiple bikes,and  these are best suited to domestic use. Some designs however such as bike hangers include locking points inside for individual bikes, making them suitable for communal parking.