Office cycle storage

Recent Savills research highlighted the importance of cycle storage in the workplace. In London 25% of workers consider it important, outside of London this figure is 6% lower. 

Bicycle parking is a necessity in modern workplaces due to a large number of people already cycling to work. Alongside the cycle racks, further steps can be taken to ensure that the facilities provided are of a high-quality to encourage more employees to get on their bikes.


When a cyclist arrives at the workplace, they need somewhere to store their helmet and clothing. There are a number of steel and plastic lockers available and the provision of kit storage ensures cyclists don't need to store used cycling clothes under their desk. 


Showers are essential when planning an office cycle facility, especially if employees are cycling a long distance to work. Take into account how close the shower facilities and changing rooms are to the cycle racks and lockers. 


Office cycle stores are often in the basement of buildings. How will cyclists gain access to the cycle store? This can be achieved through ramp access or a lift capable of taking a number of bicycles. A great example of this is the Alphabeta building, where cyclists ride into the building, down a ramp and into the cycle store. 

Air & Repair

An additional piece of infrastructure that should be considered for office cycle parking is a cycle repair station and pump. Cycle repair stations include a range of tools for tuning and repairing bicycles and often include an integrated pump. Repair stations can boost confidence in cycling as a reliable mode of travel to and from the office.

Alphabeta building: Image credit

Alphabeta building: Image credit