Semi-Vertical Bike Shelter

Tight spaces such as courtyards and alleyways are often allocated as potential locations for the implementation of bike storage or shelters. We often find this is the case in towns and cities where space is at a premium. 'Long term' cycle parking, designed for residents or tenants should always be covered or inside a building to protect the parked bikes from adverse weather. A solution must therefore be found for sheltered storage in restricted spaces.

A semi-vertical bike shelter is often a great design for these situations. The shelter houses semi-vertical bike racks, positioning cycles against a wall and reducing the width in which bicycles can be stored. Reducing the floorspace taken up by the shelter protects the space required for cyclists to load and unload their bicycle, a very important factor that can often be overlooked. The semi-vertical bike shelter can be extended to any length along with the racks to provide storage for any number of bikes.