Semi-vertical cycle stands

Semi-vertical racks reduce the floorspace occupied by parked bicycles by positioning them in a nearly upright position. This allows for a greater number of bicycles to be parked in restricted areas where there may not be sufficient loading distances for conventional racks. Semi-vertical racks are also the most space-efficient option when ceiling heights are restricted or services run overhead, preventing the use of two-tier systems.

Due to the significant high-low spacing on semi-verticals, bicycles can be parked at a greater density than two-tier racks. 305 spacing allows for bicycles to be parked with no handlebar clashes.

Be aware that semi-vertical racks require cyclists to bear the entire weight of their bicycle during loading and unloading. For a more accessible form of cycle parking consider Sheffield stands, Cobra cycle racks or gas-assisted two-tier systems such as the 2ParkUp.